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Tips about housing


Hello all fellow travel nurses! I just thought I would share what I've learned being a travel nurse thus far.

I am on my second assignment, and I do not let my agency provide my housing. I took Ned's advice on here and posted an ad on Craig's list requesting a FURNISHED entire apartment/house/cottage/in-law quarters for a short term lease. I do not do room sublets or room shares because I prefer my privacy. However, this is just MY preference.

Anywho, I landed TWO offers for entire furnished condos, both reasonable in price, one includes a washer and dryer in the unit (which is a HUGE plus for me). Both people responded to my ad, and they are private landlords that lease to only travelers. One is within walking distance from hospital, other is about a 15 minute drive in a gated community. In both cases, they are cheaper than an extended stay and I will be pocketing an extra $1000 per month of my stipend. And this is even with a small deposit ($500). Also, since I had a great rental reference from a executive cottage I rented in my last assignment, neither ran a credit check (which is good, considering I don't want extra hits on my credit report).

I just wanted to share that Craig's list is a really good source for housing. You can also check out airnb.com. Also, networking at the hospital is great as well, in my last assignment, a nurse in my orientation rented a room to another nurse in our orientation class.

There are great housing options out there if you are willing to do the work, it is worth it in the end!

Happy travels!

I also used VRBO.com, and some really nice vacation rentals. A lot of landlords have places that they originally intended to rent to vacationers, but have ended up renting almost exclusively to travel nurses. They know we are employed, will be making enough $ to pay the rent, are responsible, and we stay longer :)

Shoegal, are you a fan of Carrie Bradshaw, by any chance?

Shoegal, are you a fan of Carrie Bradshaw, by any chance?

Yes, did the user name give it away? LOL!

Yes, it did. I'm also a fan. :)

Congrats on a successful strategy followed through!

I have very seldom paid a deposit in my career close to 20 years. If I recall correctly, only the two times that I have gone through a property management company, and twice at apartment complexes (same thing really). If need be, I offer to pay three months in advance (I try not to do that of course as it increases risk if the assignment ends early for any reason) and that usually ends it, or agree to use the deposit towards last month's rent. Deposits are a hassle for private owners too, but keeping deposits are even more risk-free for owners when the renter/traveler leaves the state - little recourse to take them to small claims court. Having learned the mindset of landlords prior to traveling, I find it safer to try to avoid deposits, and of course less hassle at the end.