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any tips on giving an inservice?

if you were to have to sit through an in-service, provided by a student nurse (me), what would you be really glad i knew ahead of time? for my leadership and management class, i will need to do an in-service in a couple of weeks. i've never done anything like this before. it feels daunting, but i know i'll be ok. this clinical, i'm on a cv/thoracic stepdown floor and my topic will pertain to medicating pain, specifically including drug equivalencies. i have some pretty good resources, but in case you've run into anything specifically helpful lately, i'd appreciate anything you would pass it on. and again, most importantly, any tips on giving an in-service in general? :confused:


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During nursing school I had to give an inservice to staff at the hospital at which we were doing clinicals. UGH!!

I covered dysphagia as this was a rehab unit and many patient's were suffering the effects of stroke.

I made flash cards with points that I wanted to cover in the inservice, but what I found really helpful was a program in my MS Word software. It allowed me to make a brochure type handout. It was great because as I did the inservice, the nurses and cnas were busy looking through the handout and not constantly staring straight at me! As I spoke, I would refer to the handout. My entire presentation was nicely outlined with pictures and all! It was something they could take away with them for future reference.

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