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I was wondering what some good tips are for getting into a great nursing school besides the high grade point average.

Thank you!

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I'm a pre-nursing student like you, but here's what I plan to do.

Become a CNA

Get my patient care tech certification

Get phlebotomy training

Volunteer at hospitals/nursing homes

Network on here and in your own city with nurses, sometimes (especially in the south where I am) it's all about WHO YOU KNOW!

Become cpr certified

Don't just study, but UNDERSTAND the material. It's a bad habit of college students that just read through stuff just to pass the test and then have a brain fart and forget or don't care to remember what they were just tested on. Being a cna and/or pct will help with the knowledge that you learn from school and apply it practically in your job.

good luck! we need it! :yeah:

Thank you!

So far my plan is to get my pre-reqs finished with a high grade point average (of course!), volunteer at a hospital, and of course network...

I'm having a problem with the networking part...let me know if anyone has any ideas.

Also, what is everyone's choices for nursing school? How is Texas A&M's nursing program? I know it's new.

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