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I have been looking at nursing schools (of course) and there are so many to choose from and they have different programs some with different benefits

Some have a payback option where you can work at the school and payback very cheaply your credits and then some you work at the hopsital for a period of time and they will payback your tuition....

I am planning on applying to both BSN and ADN programs at local community colleges and universities (in Oregon)

I have looked at some out-of-state programs but tuition is very pricey for that first year

My question is - when you applied and have been looking - WHAT DID YOU LOOK FOR AND WHAT QUESTIONS DID YOU ASK

What was important to you in your school???

I dont have kids, so that is not a concern for me right now...

Mostly just getting a good nursing education....

Any help is appreciated - THANK YOU :) :) :)

manna, BSN, RN

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Retention rates, NCLEX pass rates (first try), faculty-student or clinical ratios, clinical hours, quality of the hospitals where clinicals are performed...

I know there are other things, but those are the ones that immediately come to mind with me.

Good luck! :)

maire, ASN, RN

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What did I look for?

Location. How far do I have to drive to get to class?

Class Schedules. I needed an evening program to make it work.

Price. My husband and I are poor military people.:rolleyes:

NCLEX Pass Rates. How successful is this school in teaching its graduate nurses so they pass the State Boards the first time around?

I got lucky. I moved here and there was a school 20 minutes away with an evening program, 99% pass rate, and financial aid pays for the whole kit and kaboodle.


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The things I looked at were:

1. NCLEX pass rate

2. Graduation rate

3. How soon could I start?

4. How long to graduate?

5. Class Size

6. Clinical locations.

7. Price

8. Accredidations

I also stopped in and sat in the student lounge or vending machines area for the nursing classes for awhile and talked to some of the students who were in there to get their opinions.

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