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Tips/Advice When Shadowing a CRNA

by Beacon07 Beacon07 (New) New

Hello all. I am a first time poster looking for some guidance. I am scheduled to shadow a CRNA for a day and would love any advice/tips/questions you can provide. I would like to make the most out of this opportunity. Thanks for your help!


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I think it kind of depends on what your objectives are. Are just seeing if you are interested in the field or are you shadowing prior to applying to school.

I would ask them questions like where they went to CRNA school. If they went to a school that you are potentially looking at as them why they chose that school over another. Ask their perception of what CRNA school was like for them. Ask why they went in to anesthesia? This is a question that you will also need to answer if you pursue a degree in anesthesia.

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