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Timing and acceptances


I just wondered if any one else has had this problem and has any advice on how to handle it. I received my acceptance to UAMS. They require money and the acceptance by March 6. UALR is my first choice (just because it is cheaper, a semester shorter, etc). I called them and told them I had to let UAMS know by March 6 and was told their acceptances don't go out until March 30 or maybe a week before that and there is nothing else they can do. I'm pretty sure I'll get in to UALR but it gives me a funny feeling to turn down UAMS without knowing for sure. I guess I could call UAMS and ask if they will keep a spot open, but I hate to do that. I'm planning on starting my masters there as soon as I finish at UALR and don't want to make them mad or hold it against me in the future. Anybody else had this problem or have any advice?



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you could always turn in and accept to UAMS with a deposit and then drop if and when you get in to UALR. the deposit is what holds your spot.

Honestly I'd say pay the deposit just in case things don't work out with the other school. You defintely could call ahead to see if they'll hold your spot without a deposit, I dont think they'd hold that against you in the future at all. Although if they're anything like school's I've dealt with here in Canada, they may be sticky about their policy.


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If you have the choice between getting a BSN or an ASN, why go for the associates? The larger hospitals are preferring BSN's now and there's much more room for career advancement. Children's Hospital soon will not hire RN's without a BSN now. If you have the chance to go to UAMS it will be worth it for you in the long run.

Thanks for the advice. I am now leaning toward UAMS instead, so I did go ahead, and send my check and acceptance in and if I do decide to still go to UALR I'll just lose the deposit money.

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