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timeline after graduation


Hello all! I am new to the boards, I graduated with my BSN in 2013, and started FNP school in fall of 2013. Currently working full time and looking forward to starting my second year as a NP student :)

I was just wondering if anybody can give me a timeline of what happened after graduation as far as how long it took you to take the AANP/ANCC and when you started looking for and started your jobs. My husband and I are throwing around the idea of trying to have a baby right after I graduate, and then I could take leave from work and stay home with the baby and study for boards. I searched the other posts and didn't really find a whole lot about the timeline. I live in Ohio.



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There are atom of threads on this where you can find more detail.

In short plan on between a month and three months from graduation until you have a license and prescriptive authority (though in many states you will need a job lined up in order to complete this).

Insurance credentialing and facility credentials may take another few months.