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I am unsure of what I should do first in the process of becoming a nurse in the USA?

This is how I have understood the prosess:

1. Aplay for interim permit in a state.

2. Then take the NCLEX there.

3. Then seek imployment in the state.

4. Then aplay for visa screen?


How long does the different parts of the process take? What can I do to cut down on time before beeing approved as a RN?

Are some of the states faster then others?

Can I aplay for some of the prcessingparts at the same time?

PS: What is retrogresion? Does that aplay to norwegian nurses too?

I am new to this game and a bit clueless:bugeyes:

Cross the interim permit off of your list. You have to have passed the NCLEX-RN exam to be able to start the immigration process. The IP means that you have not taken that exam, but meet all requirements.

You will need to apply for licensure as an RN to a Board of Nursing. Each state has their own, as well as different requirements. You will need to check the website for the state that you are interested in. You need to get permission from them to be able to write the NCLEX exam.

You will also need to pass the series of English exams. Suggest that you read the Primer at the top of this forum for all of the information that you will need.

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