Time it takes to migrate to Australia for Asian trained nurse ?

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i am new here can someone please tell me how realstic is this.......... :confused: :confused: :confused:

for a nurse from a south asian country studied in a nationally well recorgnized nursing school who has done a 3 year full time rn and after completed the b.sc. in part time with in coming 2 years ( gaining experience while doing the b.sc. that is minimum required by anmc ) assuming she did got accepted to register with the anmc do they recieve job offer from a nursing ajency in australia that they register.

tell me is this realistic or just another fairytale that has been put in to internationally traind nurses.

my real question is actually will they ( applying nurse ) have to if not might have to wait for about 5 years , 7 years or to be fair never gone happen except you will recieve a notification that you are "too old to be given a visa "

how tragic ? ? ? ? please it is important that i get a some kind of realstic answer rather than this same old bla bla bla..... like... there is a high demand for nurses in australia :yeah:............ pay is through the roof............ :yeah: permenant residency opportunity :yeah:.................... can someone please be truthful for once please :nurse: :nurse: :nurse:

Interesting Indeed it seems to be no body here wants to talk about the Bitter side of nurse migration to Australia at all.

They do not even wants addmits the Bull-Crap side of it. Except keep on wining about the pathetic little good side of it that hardly very few had manaed to achieve.

Well I think as I have assumed it is correct that this topic is indeed doesn't have a promising ending for all most for majority of applicants. Like the old saying says " Silence ( No Relyes for this thread ) says everything about the guilt. :chair: :chair: :chair:



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It is pretty realistic...

However, I must remind you that you need to have all 7 in IELTS.

my theory:

1 month IELTS review and exam

3 months waiting period for AHPRA's assessment

1 month visa processing

3-6 months to get a slot in BP school

3 months bridging program (BP)

1 month job hunting

total: give yourself 1 year and you'll be employed as an australian nurse (in reality 1 year is too quick)

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