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I have been so excited and skipping along since I found out I was accepted to grad school..now the introductory emails from my instructors are coming in and it's all about to get real! Lol I'm excited and ready..but I'm also nervous..I have 2 concentrations for my DNP..one in Acute Care and one in FNP..sounds overwhelming as I type it out lol...just looking for any tips from anyone who has been thru a similar program with more than one specialty or any help at all on how to keep my head above water lol..that would b great!!:) Exciting time for all who are about to start!:)

Good luck. I'm in the same boat! You're right, stuff is about to get REAL!

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I'm having moments where I consider putting it off. I'm supposed to start 9/24. I want it...just not sure if it's going to work. I'm just wondering if I'm biting off more than I can chew. I think it's stress talking. I just took my IBCLC exam and won't know about the results until the end of October. My 12 year old barely left an outpatient appointment yesterday because he's so close to being sick enough for admission. I'm waiting to find out how we are moving forward...he's getting a gtube. My other kids are having medical stuff creeping up. I've done well in the past with doing more than the average person...just hoping this isn't the time it catches up with me and I crash.

It's overwhelming to think about especially with your circumstances but if u can manage I say go for it..one day at a time is all a person can do..if u put it off now you may find it harder to come back around to in the future!! I ordered books today..stressing out lol..20 of 23 books and 750 bucks later lol..they should b here next week...only 3 days of freedom left!! Orientation is Monday!!! Aaaahhh!!;)

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