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I keep hearing, in many of the threads, that it takes an unusually long time to get a Florida license. Is this because of a time delay before you get your "ATT" letter or after you take the NCLEX? Thanks for any input that you can give me. I am currently trying to prevent some nurses from making a big mistake by going to work as "housekeepers" in Florida at a hospital, of course sent by a very unscrupulous recruiter. They are being told that they can take NCLEX in Florida and just begin work as as RN, which we all know is not possible. They also have been told that by working at the hospitals there, they can improve their English skills. These nurses have nothing to do with my program, just trying to take a quick way. I would love to have some input from some of you about this, so when I do see some of them next week, I can show them the real facts and maybe save someone a few years of wasted time.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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I don't know about foriegn nurses or the NCLEX but as an experienced nurse just wanting a license it took about 6 weeks and the application was 10 pages long. Also I did this in November-December which I have to think isn't the busy time for them to give out licenses (not like July, August). Hope everything works out for these nurses!

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