Time of Death 10:40. Wait, What?!

You can’t be a nurse for any amount of time without witnessing and/or participating in a code. This is my most recent experience in a code that had a surprise in store for us! Nurses Announcements Archive Article


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I was questioning the same thing. ...And the fact her primary nurse on the floor didn't really know about her....she is ambulatory...pt said she hadnt walked in a long time..where did the correct information about this patient get lost at...from previous nurse...alot of questions in my head....sad...scary...sad

Yes, it is scary. I find it frustrating, I would rather them say to hold on, let me check on that rather than guess. I question whether they had been in her room.

Exactly i just dont get it. What was to be gained if the colon wasent preped it was a unnecessary risk to the patient.

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I'm not ACLS and have not participated in a full code [ just choking and unresponsive pts with a pulse] - but isn't it possible for electrical impulses to still indicate there is a pulse even after a pt has died? Thank you for the story.

I have been part of a code where we decided to stop, however, the patient had no mechanical pulse (we were unable to feel it) but the heart monitor was picking up PEA (pulseless electrical activity) from the drugs given during a code.

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