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Ok, so I am being impatient. Graduated from a Maricopa Community College on May 9th. Paperwork was in to the AZBON in April. Received confirmation via mail and on the online verification that everything was in. Paid fees to both BON and Pearson Vue. Now....how long does it usually take to get my ATT? I was hoping to schedule the NCLEX before the end of May. Took the NCLEX-PN and it didn't seem to take so long. Actually did my paperwork late and still got a quick ATT, ended up testing about 6 weeks after the semester was over. Just want to hear from everyone else so I have a timeline in my head to keep me from going crazy. (always seems to go slower when it applies to you right?)



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Sorry for the delay

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Did you apply for the ATT by Email?

I think I got my ATT in 24 or 36 hours...

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Yeah, did everything online. None of my other classmates have received anything so it's got to be the school. They aren't known for organization. And we had "heard" that they wait 10 days AFTER graduation to send in any paperwork. For what? In case they change their minds? Still, they should have it by now. Graduated two weeks ago now. Oy! Just want to get scheduled already.

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My school mailed out everything the day we graduated, so the problem may lie with the school.

Good luck!

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