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Ticket over $1,000 & BRN application

My question: What kind of attorney do I contact to help me with my necessary documents and to help me with my letter? Don't want to screw it up and would rather pay a few hundred dollars to guaranty I have everything done correctly.

Background: I am a LVN for a decade now and while in the ADN program my car got a red-light camera ticket in Beverly Hills. They sent it to the wrong address and I got a failure to appear in the mail which I went and cleared up but we still had not ever seen the ticket and had to go to the police station to view it during very specific narrow window timeframe. My husband works in LA so we assumed it was him and he said he would go take care of it. He waited until the last minute and went but because it was my car they refused to let him view it and the next day was the court date which he didn't bother to tell me he didn't clear it up until 2 days later. So I missed the 2nd court date and when I called I was told to wait for a letter in the mail and pay it then I would be fine but there would be no changing the party at fault to my husband and I would be paying a failure to appear fine.

So with the fines I am over the mandated reporting $1,000 and need to write a letter as well as include certified court documents. I'm kinda at a loss on what all to put in this letter, I'm not very good with just random writing papers. I have the certified court papers but it also wants incident reports and some other things which I don't have an have no idea where I would get these.


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