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Hi Lara!

I hardly think lifting a can of coffee is going to affect your employment for the rest of your life. "Grand Theft Caffeine"?? No, I think that if you are just honest with future employers and explain that you were young and foolish once, and did something without thinking, they will understand. If they don't, then they would probably not be the most pleasant to work for anyway!! redface.gif)

Carry on, study hard, enjoy your future career!!

Good luck!



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Thanks Heather :>> This sounds like a relief.


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Hi there.. This is a shameful thing to say but I'm not sure where to turn.

I'm a CNA, and I was studying towards becoming an LPN. I say 'was' because I'm not sure if I should continue: although I have a BA and graduated in great standing from a Midwest 4-year college, and have been diligently studying while working full-time, and never had any problems with my CNA work, I did something really impulsive once: I shoplifted from a grocery store [a can of coffee]. I was caught, booked, pled guilty, and a lawyer has told me that this probably doesn't qualify for expungement.

I could just shoot myself- I can't believe I *did* all of this and I'm just appalled. This was my first -- and believe me, last -- crime, and in talking to some of my peers {carefully} I have found that many of them have done the same thing. - It seems to be fairly common. But I'm scared about the future: Who would hire an LPN with this sort of background? Should I continue on with my education or start thinking of something else? frown.gif What shows up in a background check, and how should I handle this with future employers?

Thanks for compassionate replies.



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You're welcome. It is true. I mentioned this particular problem to some of the "gals" at work last night, and the general consensus was "Good grief!! I hope they don't start asking ME what I did when I was young!!!"

So, all in all...Don't worry about it -- just be honest!! smile.gif


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I work for a facility that does background checks. We look at the last 7 years. We also ask on the application if you have been convicted, pled guilty, etc to any crime, not just felonies. So my questions to you are: Were you a minor? Is this a felony or mis demeanor (sp??)? We don't hire felons regardless of the reason, Administrator policy. Our state board of nursing has a new reg regarding licensure- new applicants for RN, LPN or CNA with felonies will not be considered until 5 years pass obsolute discharge of the felony. Does your state have a similar reg? I do believe honesty is the best policy. If folks I interview are upfront and honest, then I are more inclined to go to bat for them. If the background check comes back with something on it and the person checked "no" to the crimes question, he or she is terminated for falsifying the application. With the info you gave, I don't believe that RN is completely out of reach. Good luck with your studies

Moonstone Mist

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As the person doing the hiring in our facility, I've got to tell you that this might be turned to your advantage. One question I always ask is "Tell me about a challenging situation and how you handled it?"

The right answer would be to explain that many years ago you stole a can of coffee (if you where studing for exams at the time this could be added). when you were caugth you plead guilty (shows ability to accept responsability). You handled it how?...made resitution to the store, wrote a letter of appology. And have learned what? your actions impact others, the consequences of your actions. Finish by saying that you are glad that this happened (yes, I said glad) because it was a great learning expereince at such a small cost to both you and the "victim".

Continue with your studies and don't be afraid of your past.




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When I see such support of other nurses it shows me one of many reasons I am proud to be a nurse.

Lets continue to stick together and be supportive of each other.

Smiling as I write this.

Deanna smile.gif

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