its been three weeks..

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it will be three weeks tomorrow, since i took my LPN boards. name still hasnt appeared on the BON. has anyone else waited this long? ive seen people post that theyve had their license on there as early as one - two days :(.

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Depends on the state. It took nearly 6 weeks for mine to be issued. Some states complete all the authorizations & checks before permitting you to take the exam and thus once you pass you're issued a license. Other states, like mine, issue ATT then have to wait for fingerprinting and SBI/FBI background check, wait for results, then send the package to the BoN committee to approve issuing a license.

Some states like CA won't issue a license until you receive your letter and then pay a fee.

im in ny. we got issued an ATT and did the whole fingerprinting thing to take the boards. i know it takes about a month for them to send you your actual license, i just thought my name and license number would be on the BON website by now.

It's coming, congrads on passing. How much studying did you do before you took your boards

i dont know im getting skeptical, this other girl in my class got hers two weeks after taking it, here i am about a lil over a month and still dont have mine. im going to call pearson vue tomorrow. and i only studied for a week. about 3600 practice questions

Specializes in Complex pedi to LTC/SA & now a manager.

Try calling the board of nursing.

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