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THR Residency June 2012


Has anyone applied to a THR residency (specifically the women's services residency), and received a call about an interview?? I hear they are very slow at getting back to you, and the residencies are very hard to get into unless you know someone at THR. Let me know if anyone has heard anything! thanks!

Hey GoMavs, I received an email last week inviting me to interview for Women's Services! Did you go to the open house they had back in February? I heard they werent going to look at your application unless you attended the open house. My interview is tomorrow! I've also heard they are hard to get into...but I'm hoping for the best!

Congrats on your interview! No, I wasn't able to attend, but I have heard that as well! My status online says that my application has been forwarded to the hiring manager, but i feel like no one will look at it, Ah! I'll call tomorrow and find our more info. But let me know how it goes!

Hey GoMavs - I saw on another thread that you got the THR Women's Services internship!!! Congrats!! I found out on Friday that I did not...which is ok, but disappointing for sure. I'd really like to talk to Gina, or one of the nurse managers to politely and professionally ask what I could do better next time around. Do you have any suggestions on how to get ahold of her? Or what do you think was a tipping point that helped you get the job?

Hi NewToDallas, I actually got the L&D residency at Parkland and accepted that position, and cancelled the interview I had at THR. I am so sorry you did not get it, but I would try emailing Gina. The worst that could happen is she wont reply. I never met her, but she was very nice on the phone and I am sure she would email you back. Best of luck on your job search!

So happy for you!! What an awesome feeling, I'm sure. You will be exposed to so much at Parkland! I'll email Gina for sure. Thanks : )