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I have had multiple interviews with a company I am very interested in and was told I would have a response by next week. I have a very good feeling that I am a top candidate for the position. I am in the first trimester of my pregnancy and was waiting to announce this to the employer until I was safely onto the second trimester. Here's the kicker: I received a call from an ex-coworker that she had also interviewed for this position during which time the employer seeing her work history asked if she knew me. Not knowing for sure she began describing me physically and included that I was pregnant! I am not sure if this will effect my candidacy for the position and whether I should go ahead and reassure the employer it will not effect my work and that I plan to return or if I should just let it be and see what happens. Any thoughts?

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It will affect your work, once you take maternity leave, because then you won't be working. Don't mention it. Too bad your ex- coworker felt the need to attempt to cause you to not get hired- probably because she/he? didn't the get the job?

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I would wait and see what happens, and if you are offered the job, take it. When I started my first job, I found out a few months later I was pregnant. My employer didn't have to hold my job when I went on maternity leave, but they did anyway.

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