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Thoughts or suggestions on the TEAS V test

Hello, it time for me to continue my education in the medical field, I want to do my LPN before doing my RN, I picked out a school and I have to get at least a 55% on the TEASS V exam but I'm afraid, math isn't my best subject. Any suggestions? I greatly appreciate it.

Do you mean the ATI TEAS (TEAS 6)? It is the most current version of the test.

Have you browsed the other threads on this forum? There are many, many threads on how to do well on the TEAS. I suggest reading some other threads to see what study materials people used.

The math portion is pretty basic math: fractions, proportions, word problems etc.

Paisling , yes I have I bought the book also thank you for replying. Hope to do well.

My school that I've recently been accepted to does TEAS testing to find out if any students may need additional help in any subjects. I recommend buying the package with practice tests A & B which also comes with the book.

Take one of the practice tests BEFORE you study so you know what areas you need to work on. I'm very happy they allow you to use a calculator for this TEAS test, because after taking both tests with and without a calculator, my math score has increased significantly.

Good luck and I wish you the best! You can do it!

I know I'm late but thank you I purchased the ATI TEAD SECRETS study guide, I am going to study my butt off. Thank you for the encouragement!! í ½í¸‡


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