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Thoughts on capstone project idea

Hi all!!

I have decided to go ahead and apply for the BSN-DNP family nurse practitioner program at my local university! I am super excited, but of course nervous. I am a newer graduate... So by the time I start I will only have 1.5 years RN experience under my belt but I plan to do the part time program and maintain working as long as possible. I have a few proposed ideas for my capstone and I would appreciate some thoughts. Last year, my hometown was 3/4's of the way wiped out by a nasty tornado. Now that the anniversary of that day is approaching, I am starting to reflect on the utter chaos my small community was left in. It hits pretty close to home for me. A few of my friends that were cowered in basements, still to this day have major anxiety when it storms. Luckily, I was away at school and my family's house was spared. We only lost one vehicle and had quite a mess to clean up in our yard, but my family even had a hard time with the recovery. I am wanting to evaluate the role of primary care providers and how they manage care when a disaster like this hits. Maybe use evidence-based research to come up with a care model for primary care providers during a community disaster situation. I have read into it briefly and there seems to be an increase in physician visits for physical and mental issues following a disaster and I think it's important to evaluate if primary care providers are equipped to handle something like this, especially when it may be their hometown too. Obviously the research will be extensive, but does anyone have any suggestions or critiques? Is this out of my league? Am I thinking like an advanced practice nurse? Anything helps! Thanks!!!


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I think this would be interesting. The role of first responders in trauma is an interesting area - what is helpful, etc. Maybe you could do a literature search on pub med.

there is a lot of research on PTSD

Best wishes.

Psychcns, thank you so much for your feedback! I am hoping that it will all come together, but I want to make sure I am starting to get into the mindset of an advanced practice nurse. Looking at the requirements of the capstone is exhaustin in itself!


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