Thomas Edison BSNA FALL 2017!


Hello! I have been accepted to Thomas Edison's accelerated program this Fall, wondering who else will be attending, where are you guys coming from, will you also be relocating!


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Hi! Congratulations! That's awesome. I have applied for Fall 2017, but haven't heard from TESU yet..... When did you have your interview? If you don't mind me asking, what are your stats?


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Hey, I had my interview at the end of April, it went great! The staff were very nice and friendly. Goodluck


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Hi everyone, am so excited to post on this forum. My interview was yesterday, and I was granted verbal offer which I accepted, just waiting for my letter.

The TESU staff were awesome!


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Congrats! Do you plan on moving down to Trenton?


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Hi everyone!

I will also be attending for the fall. I am so excited to meet everyone!! I was offered a verbal acceptance offer after my interview last week, and I am waiting for my letter to come in the mail. I don't know if I will be commuting on Wednesday and Thursday when clinicals start. My drive is 1 hr 25min, but I'm definitely commuting the other days. Are you guys far from school?


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Hi, i have an interview with TESU for there ABSN program were you able to finish the program?

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Hello, anyone on this thread still out there? I have an interview and really would love to hear how your interview experiences were and about your experiences with the program.