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Well, I'm taking my last 3 pre-rec's this semester and then thats all that I need in the way of pre-rec's this semester. My husband didn't want me to take 3 classes cause I work as a PCT (CNA) at a hospital part time, but I didn't want to just take one class next semester and be behind 3 months or more. I just want to get on with this already. One of my classes we have a really crappy teacher and half the class has dropped already. With 10 weeks left I might as well stick it out and be done with it. I'm begging everyone in my study group not to drop. Next semester they switch to new books so not only will you have to re-pay for the class, but buy $300 in new books (This is A&P 2 I'm talking about) This has been the hardest semester for me. My house looks neglected, and so does my husband (no kids). I'm sleeping the weirdest hours and have a short fuse about work. How is everyone else doing this semester/quarter at this point? This better pay off in the long run!


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I started out feeling overwhelmed, but am finally in the swing of things. I definitely feel that this is the busiest I've ever been in my life! I completely understand about everything being neglected, I just ran a dust rag across some stuff today, and couldn't remember the last time I did it! I'm living and breathing nursing right now, but I'm loving it!


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Glad you are getting through this semester ok. Keep on plugging along. It'll be over before we know it.



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AAAAAHHHHH!!!!! Just needed to get that one out! I am stressed, but I am still making it! We start clinicals next week. (Ulp!) Everyone wish me luck!

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