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Hi all,

I just graduated from an ADN program in December and am taking my boards in 2 days! YAY :).

Anyway, I am currently enrolled in a BSN program. This semester, I am to write a research paper. I was considering writing my paper on the Declaration of Brain Death and the issues that surround it, as it really is something that interests me. However, my teacher had told us that in a few semesters, when we are in our community health semester, we are going to need to take on a project that involves us identifying an issue in healthcare, and providing education to help with that issue.

I KNOW for a fact that I am going to end up in the NICU. It is my passion, and it is 110% a specialty that I will never leave once I get my foot in the door there.

With that being said, I have been trying to pinpoint problems that could arise with the NICU staff, parents of NICU babies, or just ethical dilemmas that the NICU staff could be educated on. Because I have never worked in the NICU, I am not sure as to what I could write this paper on.

I am wondering if some of you could give me some feedback with an idea for a research paper topic (related to the NICU) that could later be turned into the project I spoke of before.

Thanks for the help!


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I'm a future NICU hopeful, as well! I'm currently writing a paper on perinatal palliative care - it's a fascinating topic, and there's a good deal of recent research on the topic. Several of the AWHONN journal articles are especially good.

However, I see two problems with your looking ahead to make this part of your future project. First, many professors make stipulations that you cannot use any of your previous papers/research/work for current class assignments. So, that would be a problem. Second - if the project is going to be in your Community Health course, then typically the topic for any of those assignments needs to be a true community health topic and not an acute care/hospital area of research. Anything having to do with the NICU will most likely not meet the requirements for a comm-health assignment. Think more along the lines of health screening, community resources, public health issues. *maybe* something like preventing preterm birth might fit both assignments...

PS...good luck on NCLEX!! :D

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