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thinking of taking time off-advice please

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Heres my story:

I have been in the part-time program since Aug 08. I work fulltime, have classes and have to work 12's to make up the time as my boss wont allow me to work weekends. I will be eligible for LPN in Dec, and RN May 2011.

Heres the catch, my husband and I separated in March so I am now a single mom of a 13 yo daughter.

In a nutshell....stressed to the max and barely getting through. Clinicals start in July, at that time i will do clinicals from 630-3 MT, work from home 4p-8p MT to make up hours, work 6a-330p on W and then go to class until 7 and then work 12's on TH & F. In addition to getting through the divorce, try to be a good mom, trying to refi a home I'm not sure i can afford, keep up the yard, house etc. and all that life offers. We had it on the market, but i am in Mich. and of course it wont sell.I might add that my 13yo is doing awesome, good with the divorce and supports me 100% in school. Its me thats stressed.

If I drop I can pick up again next May and it will put me back 1 year. Right now I am miserable, stressed with my life situation, gained 30 lbs, look like hell and blah blah blah. Not sure if i should plug along miserably or take the year off to get my life together and restart next summer.

Have any of you ever had personal issues that caused you to put off your school after you started?

I might note that I make 60k plus child support right now, so I am ok financially.

Yes, I know, paycut in nursing.

Advice appreciated.

I would say that you need to take one day at a time, I know that its hard right now. I was a basically a single mom to my son most of his life, because his father was an alcoholic. I was working fulltime and going to school fulltime. I learned something in school, everything can wait the dishes, yard work house maint. etc. I personally wouldn't take time off. I now have 4 kids most are under the age of 3. I go to school full time and work part time. I took 10 weeks off to have my last baby, and it was very hard to get back into the groove of nursing school. I thought about quiting half way through my 3rd quarter, because it was tuff to come back. I have gained weight and I worry about my kids. But u need to take one day at a time and not sweat the small stuff, Love your kid and go get a better career, so you can see more of your kid. Everything will work out. Hope it helps, you can do it.


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I'm sorry you're having a bad time :(

I think previous poster is right: just take things one day at a time and you'll make it through in no time.

Are you 100% sure you can jump right back in at the end of a year? For my program you'd have to go back on a 2+year waiting list. That's time it doesn't sound like you have right now. Plus, who knows if you'll make it back at all? Things have a habit of cropping up and usually it's school that gets postponed. It sounds like you need to do something to make you feel good about yourself, that makes your position in the world better. I'd stick with it as long as you can.

Good Morning,

After my personal pity party yesterday, i have to agree. I think i am going to plug along, 1 day at a time.

I think the biggest thing for me is balance. I dont have balance with makes me crazy.

I have always heard people say....set schedules for homework, play, housework etc. I havent used to advice, but I think now is a great time to do it.

Thanks for you pick me up........On i go.


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I agree with the posters. Take it one day ar a time. I have been going through a lot myself since I started nursing college and I am plugging along. One more course and I will be done. You can do it too. God is good, he will see you through all this.:icon_roll

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