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Iam Keri 28 mother of 3...I am interested in becoming a L&D or Mother and Baby Rn.I have some medical experiance I was a MA for 4 years and I was a hospital volunteer for 4 years when i was young in the ER and on the floors.When my son was born in Nov he was in the NICU and that gave me even more incentive to persue my dream.They saved his lofe and I have such respect for them!I want to do L&D or Mother/Baby ,is there any spiecal classes or training i need to get in those fields? I am also starting a AAS in sept and will be able to take the RN test after grad.Is that enough to be a full fledged RN?? Thanks for any info you can offer!!!


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I am also a nursing student so I really can't answer your question. I would suggest that you post the same thing in the general nursing forum. There are alot of seasoned nurses there that may be able to help you.

Good luck in school!!! :D

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