Thinking about quitting before even starting! NEW GRAD AND I NEED ADVICE!

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Hello everyone,

I am a new grad, graduated June 2017, and I recently got offered a position as a FT RN (for 6 months) on a cardiovascular surgery unit in a major Toronto Hospital. I went to the interview (where i found the manager to be rude and cold; picking at nails & not acknowledging me and etc during the interview) and they offered me a temporary position. I accepted (because I LOVE CV surgery, hope to one day transition to CVICU) and during the interview i let them know i have a very strong preference to having a DDNN schedule instead of the 2 week days, 2 weeks nights.

WELL, that was all for nothing because i ended up getting the 2weeks schedule and now its conflicting supper hard with my current PT job i have (gen surg which i don't want to leave for a temp 6 month position)...

Would it be wrong of me to email the manager asking for a schedule switch .... I'm even considering not starting with them anymore since i don't start orientation until 2 weeks.

Any advice???

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Orientation schedules aren't flexible, especially at the beginning, you are with all the other new employees learning hospital policy etc., at least here anyway.

If you really want CV, step out and take the risk. Getting your parttime job (is it as a nurse?, so not really a brand-new new grad?) to change their schedule if they want to keep you would be what I would be asking about.

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