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I was originally going to attend a photography school only to last minute realize that the only thing I'm good at is helping people. My grandfather passed away last year from leukemia and he was my father figure in my life so I would be the one that would take him to his appointments, but everytime he would go in to get a blood transfusion or platelets or just a check up in general he would actually be excited because he loved his nurses. They loved him, he would sit there and tell them stories and just talk, and he really loved them. So I started reading up on nursing and everything that it involves and I really love the thought of becoming a nurse. I have my options open for other specialties but the thought of working with adult patients scares me more than working with kids. I would love to work in peds and actually have hopes to end up working in NICU one day. But I was wondering if it's possible to get hired into peds right after I graduate?

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It's absolutely possible to be hired into peds right out of school. There are a number of similar threads on this forum that can give you a more complete response. Try running a search.

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