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Thinking of moving to WA for school from OR


Hey everyone,

I'm currently working as an ED Mental Health tech in OR where I have finished all of my prereqs and 90% of my coreqs required through OCNE (Oregon Consortium of Nursing Education) to get my BSN. I have been out of school now for 2.5 yrs and am REALLY ready to start a nursing program! Unfortunately, the community college in my area is very competitive (about 400+ applicants for about 75 slots; you have to have at least a 3.8 GPA to even get on the waiting list) and I fear I don't stand a chance with my 3.5

Are there any ADN or BSN programs in WA that I might be able to get into without a wait? At this point I'm caring less about the amount of debt I might accrue as far as attending a private school vs a university or cc. I am worried about my maths and sciences timing out (most schools require you to have taken the last in a sequence within the last 5 years and this summer will be 3) and I am willing to relocate.

I have one friend at Clark CC in Vancouver and one at PLU in Tacoma, so I'm looking at both of those as well.

Any info would be VERY appreciated! Thank you!

I currently go to Clark (Yay, penguins~) and have heard nothing but good stuff about their program. It's based on points, though, and they're implementing a new system in April. You'd really have to go to their website and check it out - I'm there for pre-stuff, and I love it here.