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I am thinking of moving to Boston and was wondering what the job market/pay/cost of living is. I have 7 years RN experience in ER/Critical care both in level one trauma centers. I was looking to continue to work in a level one trauma center. Can anyone tell me what I'm looking at considering the above information in the Boston area?



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I work at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston (in the ED) and it is a level one trauma center. There are currently positions open in the ED and staffing is so short there that we are using travelers. There are also quite a few unit positions listed on the website. I dont know what area of the country you are coming from, but Boston is an expensive city to live in. Rents in the city and within a 15 mile radius can go from $1200.00 a month on up for a one bedroom apartment, although you can find some good deals on Craigslist, or other rental sites. The pay for your experience would be about $38.00/hr not including diffs at Beth Israel, which is non union, and may be more at some of the union shops (Boston Medical Center, Brigham and Womens). Hopes this helps!


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Gerry, I've been trying to transition to their ED for over a year, but I've never even received a return phone call.

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Really? We just hired about 7 new nurses in the past 4 months with more on the way due to folks leaving. Many are from outside hospitals. Where do you work???? Do you aspire to go to PA school (I am making this assumption based on your screen name)?

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I think it's probably due to my unconventional background for an ED. I mostly have peds experience with about 9 months of m/s mixed in. I currently work on a pedi stepdown/pulmonary rehab unit.

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Boston area has a HIGH cost of living. Parking alone can cost hundreds of dollars a month at a Boston Hospital.

However, since your an experienced nurse manager things may be different for you. Some Boston Hospitals have just had lay offs. Its not very good out here right now.

Check out the Pediatric Nursing Homes also.

If you have an interview and or an offer then go for it. But if your going to move here just to move here its a bad idea job wise out here.

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