thinking about making a change..


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Hello- like many others, I am considering a change in specialty. I have been in periop for 10 years, with the last 3 in management. I want to change specialties and learn something new. I love learning, love a challenge, and have just gotten to the point that my heart is no longer in my job. I hate going to work everyday, but want to stay with my employer. They have positions available in both ICU, Cardiac ICU, and ER (not a trauma center, but a busy teaching hospital).In considering a change, I have worked inpatient pacu and recovered many ICU patients so I have some skills that would transition into this area. In making the decision to transfer, I have decided that I should change to a specialty that could easily find agency employment should I decide to become a traveler in a few years when the empty nest syndrome hits. So,my choices are between ER and ICU. In considering the change, I want to have a balance and not work 50 hrs a week as I currently do. I want to work 12 hrs which works well in both areas. Since I become bored pretty easily, a faster pace may work well for me. I have been in management, and in charge, so I think I am pretty good at managing time, and being organized. Any opinions, suggestions? Where do you think the highest demand is, highest job satisfaction....??

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Taking care of an ICU patient in the PACU is not the same thing--continuity of care is now in place and you have the same patient the whole day. If you're okay with that, you will learn a lot of patho and physiology.

ER is a different mindset and you will need training in non-surgical stuff. It is a fast pace too and you will see many different people, a lot like PACU.

I like both. In the traveling world, both specialties are in high demand.