Thinking about leaving SICU

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Hi everyone, just a little background on me. I’ve been a nurse for almost 2 years. My first year was spent on a neuro floor, then I moved cities and took a job in the SICU. I’ve been having so much anxiety about work I can’t even enjoy my days off. I feel like I know what I’m doing for the most part, but still very uncomfortable with getting super sick patients on the unit. I have been off orientation for about 4 months. My unit is very clicky and I feel like I don’t really fit in with anyone. That’s not something that’s really bothered me before, but it really is now for some reason. I’m having so much social anxiety I always thinking people are talking about me when I’m not there. I will say they are frequently talking about others when I am in ear shot so I don’t think this is completely out of nowhere. I’m almost out of antidepressants to try. Anyway, I feel like some of my anxiety is coming from the critically ill patients, but most of it is coming from my unit and not feeling like I fit in. I’ll add that the only time I have spoken to my manager was at my interview, so I feel like she’s not a great resource for me.  I work nights and she never stays late or comes in early. The options I am considering now are switching this job to PRN and finding something else to do most of the time, or quitting the unit all together. I would have to work 1 shift a month PRN and I feel like this would look better on my resume. I’m interviewing for a PRN home health job tomorrow, so I’m excited to learn more about that. 

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I personally think it’s reasonable to leave a job when you don’t feel like you fit in. It’s a shame but if the culture of a unit runs out good nurses, maybe they will change the culture. But also maybe you could try sticking it out a little longer for the experience? Is there another ICU in the area you could work in?