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Thinking of going to school in the Philippines...

by gmalauulu gmalauulu (New) New

Hello everybody! I am new to allnurses.com and signed up just so that I would be be able to get answers to the many questions that I have and to get some advice from students both past and present that chose to go to the Philippines to complete their education. There are so many questions first-

Where would I stay? I am not from the Philippines so staying with family isn't an option. How would I go about finding an apartment or other places?

Which school? From previous posts on here I have gotten some names of colleges in the Philippines that some have recommended. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Student visa? Is that done through the school that I decide to attend? How do I go about applying to colleges?

What is a second courser? I've run across this and don't exactly know what it means?

I currently live in California and am a vocational nurse, does this not count for anything in the Philippines? I am hoping to be able to work and go to school, if I can.

That's all I can think of right now but I'm sure I will be back on later with more questions. I would greatly appreciate any and all advice, suggestions...anything! I need all the information I can get...thanks!

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Welcome to the site

LVN/LPN doesn't exist in the Philippines, You may need to get special permission to work in the Philippines and I am sure some of the other members will be able to give you more information in that regard. However working as a nurse I think you will find difficult.

Second courser is someone already having a degree in another subject and then getting their BSN

Oh....I was afraid of that. Thank you very much for the information that you provided. If you can provide any additional information or answers to any of the questions in my first post I would greatly appreciate it.