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Hi everyone. I'm new here. I've been considering a change to home health. I was wondering if anyone has experience there. I would love to hear pros & cons as I make my decision.



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I spent 3 years in home health & loved it - you have a great deal of independence and it is truly a learning experience - you get the privilege of caring for patients in their own homes where they want to be and teaching their families how to care for them (can be good - sometimes bad with family dynamics - also living conditions - some days I left for work thinking my house was filthy, came home that night saying I could eat off my floor!!!) You also have to improvise and have good nursing judgement to make independent decisions - MDs are truly dependent on you for your input since they generally don't make house calls. Give it a try!!!


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I went into home health years ago and loved the autonomy, tired a bit eventually of the paperwork. When I first did it 10 years ago I got a little bored and wanted more tech work in infusion, but these days (24 years nurse) I am loving my new hospice job. Much, much more autonomy, respect, and support from your peers.

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