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Thinking about applying to the College of Mount Saint Vincent. Is it very competitive?

I would be applying for the ABSN.

My top school would be SUNY Downstate since it's only a 10 minute walk from me, and it's super cheap, but if I'm being realistic here, I doubt I'll get accepted.

I graduated from my university with a 3.65 GPA, but I also attended 2 community colleges, and if you take those into account, then I really have a 3.32 GPA. So I'm worried that won't be good enough to get into CMSV.

I will be taking my pre-reqs this year and will hopefully get all A's though, and I'm also going to be working as a CNA, so I hope that helps me!

Any thoughts? Advice?

I think you have a good chance of getting into a school. It's good to have a reach school, a fall back and maybe one or two in between. Applying early is key! I applied to downstate and college of mount st vincent. I was accepted to CMSV, but ended up missing the cutoff for downstate because they filled their spots early. Good luck!!

Thanks! Do you mind telling me what your stats were like? GPA and experience?

So are you now attending CMSV? How do you like it?

I graduated 2 years ago, I was a second degree student. My GPA was 3.2 undergrad and 3.4 for prereqs. The school was ok, it was a bit disorganized but I know that the Administration has changed since I left. Nursing school is challenging, but as long as you stay organized and positive, you'll do great. Good luck to you.

Thanks for your replies!

Were you able to find a job pretty quickly once you graduated?


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