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didn't think it would be me

by na-na na-na Member

Well, I have not been on this website since I started LPN school in January. Life has been so hectic and crazy that I have spend spen spentshtca the last few months of my life studying, working and going to school. Unfortunately my hard work has not paid off because I failed my med surgical 1 final today. As a result I am out of the program. I'm dissapointed in myself sand I am in need of some encouragement, especially when my parents have done nothing but criticize me. I will keep going but I have to wait yi yto get into the next class. Has anyone been in my predicament? How did you cope?

* sorry for the typo, my phone has been acting up lately

You can only go forward from here. Can you find out where it was that you went wrong with the final, so that you can focus on that part of your med/surg studying?

Would it be worth it to start a study group for med/surg in your new class? Then it can turn into an NCLEX study group when the time comes?

I am sorry this happend to you. It beyond stinks. But your character is not defined by your test score. Most parents mean well, just do not get into a royal poop show with them. You all can make a new plan, it is what it is, and go forward. In the meanwhile you may want to see if there are any per diem or weekend jobs for CNA's where you are. Will get your foot in the door, and give you some extra money to perhaps put toward tuition.

Best wishes