They're going to regret this


I gave up. It's done. My Job Search is done. I'm getting an admin job and working my way up the corporate ladder. I'm going to be successful and make way more money than I ever could as a nurse. But I'm giving up my lifelong dream to be a nurse. And that hurts.

I just want to say to someone, whoever will listen (sorry. that's you guys) that they will regret this. The nurse employers of this nation are going to regret snubbing their noses at new grads. Yes, the economy dipped. And every nurse who was at home whose husband lost their job jumped back into the workforce. And yes, the employers had their pick of their litter. But what they didn't realize was that by shutting off the jobs to new grads they just lost by attrition a good percentage of the new grads. Me and some of my most talented classmates have left the profession. Probably for good. Because we have a lot of talent to bring to this world and we're not going to wait five years for the economy to turn around.

When the baby boomers retire in droves (like they've been saying for a freakin decade) the employers are going to be so desperate they'll be begging for people like me. But it will be too late.

My bff got her bachelors in elementary ed. She had the same problem. Couldn't find a job. She got a job as an administrative assistant for an internet marketing company several years ago. Guess what? She's second in command now making six figures. In a sense, this unfairness was a blessing for her. It took her out of the slave labor profession and put her in a position in which she could really live a good life. And I have high hopes that that is my future too. It would be a nice compensation for giving up a life long dream. And it would be a great F.U. to all the places that sent my resume to the recycling bin.

If the government had any foresight to the impending disaster they could make a law enforcing a 10% requirement of new-grad hires. So that our new grads wouldn't leave the profession. But of course they won't do that because "There are plenty of Nursing Jobs". "It's the one profession that's thriving in this economy." roll eyes.

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Congratulations on your admin job. Nursing is sort of overrated, and this sounds like a better job, compensation wise. And like you said about your friend, this sort of job has taken her and you out of a slave labor profession. If you went into nursing to help people, well, there's other ways you can help people, at your current job or outside your current job. Nursing is not the only altruistic line of work.