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I spoke with the college I intend on applying to yesterday, and they have changed their admission process for the nursing program! They said they were so stunned with the number of Mature Students applying, that they had to do something to open up more spaces for them!

So, now I have to meet the cut off grades for Biology and Chemistry (75%) and then based on rankings of grades, attend an interview. The admissions officer flat out told me that the decision for admission will be based on that interview:eek: :eek:

Holy crap! This is good news!!!:)

I was so sure that I would have to take 8 classes but now I only have to take 4!!! And, I thought I would be competing with highschoolers, but now I wont be!!!

Huge sigh of relief here!! I am so excited about this!!

I cannot wait until I send my application!!!

Just wanted to share my good news!!:D :D


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Yay! :balloons:


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That's wonderful news!!!! I'm sure you'll wow them at your interview!!!


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