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Hi All,

I am writing my thesis, and want to look at an example of one. Everything I google, says they want to write it for me for a fee. Obviously, that is not what I want, but just an example. I know universities have different requirements, etc. Anyone else have any examples, or what did you do for your thesis?


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Talk to your faculty members. They should be able to show you some examples from their former students. Some schools even put copies in their libraries.

My school kept copies of every thesis written by every student in the history of the school in the library. One of the things students always did early in the process of writing a thesis was to go to the library and review our readers' theses (if they were graduates, as many of the faculty were).

Thanks for the information. They have not offered that..hmm

Thanks for the information. They have not offered that..hmm

My school didn't "offer" it to us -- but we all knew the theses were there (word of mouth, I guess) and that we could check them out the same as any other book in the library. I would approach your (nursing school) librarian and inquire.

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