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There's nothing like...

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Having a hellacious day, having to eat your lunch in 3 shifts (because no one can follow instruction and you have a dinklepuss patient stagger in moving no air and turning blue), making it through all that, and then having contractions start up.

Let me tell you, there's nothing to top a primipara saying, "Guys? These feel different from my normal Braxton-Hicks." to get a clinic to flip out in a hurry. I'm almost 30 weeks.

Called my OB, who sent me home to hydrate and rest, cried the whole way home, partly because I was in pain, partly because I was scared, and part;y because I left the other NP alone and I didn't feel right doing it.

And then I come in today, still feeling crampy and more than a little upset because I had to leave, and my boss ( one of the owners, also an NP, and with 2 children) greets me with "I heard what happened. I'm glad Amber could come over and help. I was out of town. By the way, how long ARE you planning to take for your leave? I was back in 3 days."

OK, so , no matter that they knew I was 20 weeks or so when I hired in, have not missed a shift, volunteer for extra, and have had not one whiff of problem related to my pregnancy. The threat of premature labor was an inconvenience.

She's got a business to run. I get that. I know it was not good that I had to leave. But I wasn't looking for warm fuzzies. A simple, "You OK?" would have been great. The other NP texted me all night, "We're fine. No patients. I'm feeding my face. How are you feeling? Better? Need anything?" Just as sweet as she could be. I've already told her to pick her day that she wants me to work for her, to make up for leaving.

So, I guess I'm just whining, but sheesh. I've already had one miscarriage. I don't want to lose this baby, too, or have him come early. Moved my appointment up from next week to later this week to talk to my OB and see what he thinks. The clinic has stopped scheduling me for 4 12s in a row, and maybe that will help.

Mommies, any thoughts (no medical advice, PLEASE, just mommy stuff)? When did y'all have to sit back and realize you couldn't do it all anymore? I just don't want to wind up fired over something that's perfectly normal (and that has made me VERY sure this birth will NOT be natural!) How can I reassure my job that I'm not using this as an excuse to get out of work?

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