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I was offered a full-time job this morning on a progressive care unit at a local hospital.:yeah: I have a couple of things to say.

First, I want to thank all the wonderful people on for such great advice and feedback. Especially Daytonite (spelling?), I don't think I would have made it through nursing school without her(?). I will continue to look here for support throughout my RN career.

Second, I want to tell all the new grads who can't find a job that there is hope! I read many posts here about how hard it is to find a job for the past couple of years and it can be quite discouraging to say the least. In fact, I didn't even get around to applying to very many places due to my negative outlook. I think the KEY is: don't rely on corporate HR to call you back about an application. If you are interested in a job, apply for the position online as instructed, but you also need to figure out who the manager of that dept. is, get their contact info, and send your resume with a nice cover letter to them as well. That is why I got the job, while I'm sure many others didn't get interviewed. Hope that helps. Oh, I also have no healthcare experience besides nursing school. I come from retail! And this area of Virginia is known to be over-saturated with new grads as well. So it CAN be done! Good luck out there. Stay positive!

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Congratulations!! I'm really happy for you. I hope you enjoy your new job!! :) Did you find one that wasn't too far from home? I know you were looking in a pretty wide radius.

Congratulations. I am happy for you as well.

Thanks! I found one not to far (40 min. drive each way).


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