Therapeutic Communication Paper


Has anyone know any good source with examples about therapeutic communications. Thank you

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there are examples among the presentations on these websites: - a really nice slide show on therapeutic communication. includes techniques, scenarios and blocks to communication. - therapeutic communication. a discussion about therapeutic communication that includes a nice listing of examples of appropriate open-ended responses to make to patients to get them to talk. - a slide show on therapeutic communication. talks about the components, goals, therapeutic and non-therapeutic techniques. - communication. a slide show (18 slides) - therapeutic communication skills tutorial - page of links to subjects covered - therapeutic communication. some online information and practice modules from the university of north carolina chapel hill school of nursing. click on the links on the left side of the page to access activities. - a lecture series on therapeutic communication and the nursing process on cds that you can access at this website from education resources, inc. you need a real player to view the video.

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