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I just found out from my friend, who has been encouraged to delve into NLN's website to find out more of what my school needs for NLN accreditation. Both of our goals have been to eventually sit for our CNE. She tells me that she just found out that part-time faculty are not allowed to sit for their CNE (no matter how long they have done academia part-time). This is unbelievable to me!!!! I loved the bedside, but had to let it go due to hours required for full-time. I know many nurse's doing both bedside and didactic (both part time) because they don't want to give up the bedside and realize the importance of keeping current on practice. Essentially what the NLN is saying is that they do not want this...... Unbelievable. One nurse asked, "I understand the requirement of 2 years of full-time academia. However, this would keep me completely from the bedside, so I have chosen part-time academia. If I have at least 4 years of part-time academia with bedside practice too, can I sit"? The answer is no.....

I am not entirely familiar with the debate, but I was a part-time faculty member for many, many years, and now I'm full time. In my experience, part time faculty are somewhat marginalized in terms of participation in curriculum development, committee work, leadership opportunities, etc. This is a factor of how the academic world is set up, rather than a problem specific to nursing education. Personally, I think full time nursing faculty would benefit from release time to participate in clinical activities, as a routine practice. Maybe a day a week...

Specializes in ICU, Education.

I am now full-time faculty, and it has forced me to give up bedside (working way over 40 hours /week as is). My friend is part-time faculty because she will NOT give up bedside. I fear what giving up bedside will do to my effectiveness as a nursing educator (I have only been away from actual bedside practice for a matter of months, but it really does concern me).

I believe that allowing us time for bedside really would benefit nursing education. I also think that part-time faculty should be allowed to sit for CNE. My friend who is part-time is writing/revising curriculum, sits on curriculum committee, and also is responsible for writing her own syllabi and lectures just like the rest of us. Her graduate nursing degree has a focus in nursing education..... Why should she not be able to sit for her CNE after allotting the acquired hours in academia, be it full-time or part-time? if she gets the same amount of hours doing the same stuff for 4 years as part-time or 2 years as full-time, how is this bad for nursing education????? She brings both worlds together and I think that is very important for nurse educators.... Instead it seems like nursing education is pushing to separate practicing nurses from teaching nurses.... It just doesn't seem like a good way to lead the profession of nursing education.

I agree with the above and had seen this while finishing my MSN. I think that only when it serves the school or facility will it be allowed. I would rather keep current and relevant to the needs of the students by staying at the bedside part-time than taking a test and getting a certificate that says what I already know...I am qualified to teach. I respect and admire the educators that are full-time and certified, but at this point I will stay with my chosen path and feel no need to prove myself once again.

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