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This is the second set of Lister's Bandage scissors I have lost in 2 weeks! I just set them down for an instant at work at the work table and poof! They were gone - just like that! I am amazed at the gall of this fellow coworker.


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Get a thingy (i dont know what you call it) badge holder with the clip and retractable thread...put your scissors on your waste and never lay them down. They will always be available to You..and whoever grabs THEM...cant go far from YOU. Thats what I use..because it IS very annoying to have our tools (as nures) just up and walk Off...:)


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Mark everything you don't want to lose with your name (tags or engraved) and don't "set them down for an instant" if you want to keep them. Wear scrubs, or whatever, with PLENTY of pockets to hold your items. You can always add on patch pockets yourself, if you need more. 4 large ones seem to work for me.

Why would you think healthcare workers are less likely to steal than anyone else?


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Good idea! I have this purse-like thing that I carry my tools in stapped to my shoulder. If I attach a retractable thing to it, I won't ever be able to even lay my scissors down! Thanks


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I ordered those pet tags w/ my name and address on far so good....


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People are crazy! They had to chain the electric pencil sharpeners after two of them "disappear" in the same week on my unit.... These are people who work with me!! :eek:

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