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The Summer Before

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Hi everyone... I'm starting the ADN/RN program in the fall. Finished all my pre-req's with pretty good grades... A's and B's. Got patho out of the way already. So this summer I am going to take Nutrition and Algebra.

My question is this.. what would be a good thing to study this summer before the program? What book would help most? A&P or Patho? Also I heard I might have to take some sort of test on patho when I'm actually in the program. A lot of people have told me to take it easy and have fun this summer because in the fall I will have needed the break, but I think I'd rather spend it studying and get a head start.


Thanks :bugeyes:

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Interesting how different nursing programs are. I had to do nutrition and algebra prior to applying to the nursing program.

I was advised to enjoy my summer prior to starting nursing school. Spend time with my family, have fun, relax. Because the next two years would be very stressful. I did just that.

I learn best with an instructor although I do like to study on my own after being presented with info and don't like to study in a group.

If it were me - I'd play this summer.

But you have to do what is right for you . . . . . I'm not sure what I would tell you to study . . . .maybe medical terminology.

Or get all of Echo Heron's books . . .especially the first one about nursing school in the 1970's . . . . that is a real horror story.;)


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