The sats are in the toilet.....


Ok guys and's another interesting situation for you.

You'll have to forgive me if I ramble. Just finished a 12 hour shift.

So I have this 24 weeker (26 corrected) who has been on NCPAP forever and decided 2 nights ago to buy himself a tube. The shift started out OK but this little one was having spontaneous desats w/ very long recovery time. Well about 0200 his sats are in the toilet as well as his heart rate. Got a few nice mucus plugs out of him and he recovered somewhat. Then about 0245 his sats are dropping and only staying up when bagged w/ 100%. Then his HR and sats dropped into the 40's and turned this really pretty shade of gray. In any event, the ET was clogged and got himself re-intubated. I really thought I was going to have to code this kid.

So, the charge nurse comes in while all this is happening and completely takes over my patient. She asks me all sorts of questions but doesn't really seem to believe my answers. I'm really in the mood to joke at 3 am with this kid doing all sorts of weird stuff.

Ok, I realize that I am new and that she has years of experience. That's fine; I love learning from people. However, I have a real problem when I am told to put in orders and call for XRays (there were other people to do this). I felt like saying "HELLO! THIS IS MY PATIENT WHICH I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR!" I did not appreciate being pulled away from my patient. I need experiences like this so the next time I will know exactly what to do.

Sorry this is long, but that really pi***d me off. I don't like keeping my mouth shut especially when it comes to the safety of MY patients.

:( :( :(



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You're right to feel upset. She shouldn't have taken over like that and pushed you away. If it looked to her like you were overwhelmed, she should have offered to help rather than take over. Even if you didn't look overwhelmed, it's nice to offer to help or just standby in case you need something. Was this the same charge nurse that wanted to take you off orientation early?


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Oooh! How did you guess! :rolleyes:



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Totally agree with above. We are supposed to be there to help each other out caring for our little ones. It is no wonder that the nursing profession isn't viewed as a profession by alot of people, especially when we degrade each other in front of other staff members. New or not you still deserve respect and the help of ther RN's who are more experienced. That does not include dismissing you from your assignment. Hang in there, it will get better. :o

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