The "Any Nursing School at This Point" Question?

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Long story short. LPN and Military spouse that moves every 2 years or less and finding it hard to get accepted to LPN to RN Programs due to time issues, overall pre-reqs, living in competitive school areas (Seattle) and deadlines etc.

So, at this point I am desperate more than I use to be regarding what nursing school to finish my RN because my pre-reqs are close to expiring. I am looking into a lpn to rn bridge program anywhere. I am looking at Galen School of Nursing. The reviews are iffy depending on what cite you look at. Some love it and some hate it. I realize it is a for profit, but so are a few in Washington that are amazing. Are there anyone who has gone there or can give me an opinion of my predicament? What I mean is, does the school really matter just as long as it is credited? They are credited, but I do not know anyone who has gone there. I looked at them because it will only take a little over one year to get my RN and with my time deadlines, this would work great. My husband has a chance to get stationed in Texas for his own school, but for just a year. I would then go to San Antonio, which would work out.

Has anyone just went to any nursing school just to get it done with? Does a for profit nursing school really matter anyway? Isn't the goal for everyone to pass the NCLEX?

Check out National University

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