The Pro and Cons of Caregiver Agencies


i am a second career LPN. Shortly after getting my nursing license at age 55, I became disabled, and currently get around in a motorized chair due to my inability to raise my arms no higher than level, and foot drop. I believe I'm an individual who is a lot like an old rusty jalopy with a very rusty main frame that at times has a difficult time with moving.

I'm currently getting some Physical Therapy treatments on my old arms in order for them to become more limber if possible. This old jalopy's frame is rapidly wearing thin, hand has a lot of upper and lower damage. So severe in the upper part of the frame that it needs open repair, but no surgeon or (mechanic) wants to touch it. They tell me, (Fearless) - jalopy brand - There are too many risk factors. What do they mean? I've been repaired several times before, don't cars need regular maintenance in order to keep moving?

Sure, I know I need daily help, I've had it for several years. Those helpers are my caregivers. (Oh do I lament for getting so rusty.) Herein lies the problem, though. Just like there are good agencies with excellent help like the only one I have had twice in the past, but ran out of enough employees in order to keep up my maintenance, so I was forced to go to another agency that is causing my longing to return to the place where I was maintained so well. That business has the proper kind of business sense, because it's operated by professionals. If only all of them were able to run their businesses after this model. There would be lots of happier customers.

Most agencies would do well if they would hire CNAs or CNA training before sending their employees into the field to care for and maintain the clients' care and the light housekeeping, shopping etc that is required to help the client in need.

A very needed tool is a monitoring telephone system where the agency would require the caregivers to call in to the agency when they arrive as well as calling taht same agency when they are ready to leave. Thousands of taxpayer dollars are wasted on those who leave before their shift is over, arrive very late, or some don't even arrive at all, and we clients wait expecting them to show up. It's amazing how much cheating goes on.