The Other Nurse ALLWAYS needs help...HELP!!!


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I am a male nurse in the CVICU and work twice as hard as "the other nurse." I am sure...absolutly sure that EVERYONE feels like this but... I only work with women and there are only 5 of us to run this closed unit (closed: we get no help we give no help to other ICUs). On almost a regular basis we each have 2 fresh hearts (stable or not) and we are all very you all know. But, I somehow became the QB king (Quick Boost), help me turn, help me get him up, HOLD THIS CRAZY MAN DOWN!!!! and I need help BATHING!!!!!UGH. This is every shift. I of course need help at times too. But, I rotate the people I ask, so they wont go though my HELL. My question is how do I break this without looking like a lazy guy or a male pig? I love to help as much as I love the help but it really makes me work my butt off (besides my nightly work). HELP!!! Oh, I forgot...I am the only hispanic in the unit and I live in South Texas ...Take a wild guess who is the village translator is???

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Mmmmmmmm...go out and picket for more males to come work on your unit??? :rotfl:

Seriously though...I hear ya! Males who are nurses do get picked out a lot on units by females who are nurses because we know that you all are much stronger than we are. Women still buckle under the presence of a strong male, and if he's kind on top of that, well...there ya go, Hugo! :kiss

How about sharing how you feel with them during report before you hit the floor? Have you expressed how you feel to them already? If not, what's not spoken, isn't given much attention to. Perhaps you will need to say to them one by one as they approach you for help: "Hey, you know what Lulabelle, I'd be more than happy to assist you when you need me, how about reciprocating that favor as well?" If she gives you one of those " talkin' to me?" looks, say: "I'm sorry, but Mr. so and so needs turning right now, so I won't be able to accomodate your desire to have me help you turn your patient too."

Hope this helps, Hugo!

I leave you with this quote:

"A person who doesn't stand for something will fall for anything." -- Peter Marshall

Sooooo...stand up to those nurses about how you feel IF you really desire a change on your unit! :)


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I face the same dilemma as you, however, I don't see it as a problem. It can get frustrating helping the same people time and time again, but it's always in the patients benefit. If you have a px. with individuals, tell them. I have found that most times that when you feel as if you are relied too heavily upon, and are too busy, telling that person/s helps alot with your frustration. Yeah, they may get peeved, but if it is as you say, they will recognize you are the one that is continually helping.

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