The same old battle - work vs school! Ughh..


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It's kind of odd, because this company does all but have pep rallies to encourage their people to continue education. So I dont think it's the company as much as it's the person on the other end of the phone.

I think maybe it's because I am the last of 3 new people in the last 6 weeks to start and she views it as just another thing for her to work around, and mind you, think isn't a unit that has opening often, so I'm sure she's been busy.

Still, makes me frustrated, all the same.

Also, to answer a previous poster.... I think when applying and interviewing for jobs, absolutely, you should say you get going to continue your education, because bigger hospitals are going more toward BSN only (I have been in orientation with 15 other nurses, I am the ONLY ADN.) I think my problem has been a breakdown in the system somewhere and they just didn't remember (or hear) when I said I was going to school. Or just assumed I was doing it all online (that's another headache..)


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I wish I could have 2 days off every month to watch reruns of The Simpsons :D lol

A while back, I interviewed for a housekeeping position to get my foot in the door of my hospital. When I told the interviewer that I was a student, about to start nursing school, and that was my first priority, he said that I should do WHATEVER I could to schedule so that my possible job would be unaffected and unhindered.

Sorry, but no. School comes first =)

The genuine employer should always encourage the employees to study further and up-skill their knowledge. This is in no way affecting the work, in fact the knowledge of the employee would help the employer. There are many companies which themselves provide their employees some or the other courses to learn further. Only the thing which you should keep in mind is that your work is not hampered in any way.


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I just went through the same thing while enrolled in my MSN program. I ended up taking a Per Diem position and bought catastrophe insurance in lieu of taking a benefited position. In between semesters I worked literately everyday they would take me to pre-pay most of my bills. It was really horrible, but it is doable and I would not let someone who is obviously JEALOUS rain on my parade. Go for it. Do not let a little negativity get in the way of your dream. Seems like you may need a new job...