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A couple of

nuns, who worked as nurses, had gone out to the

country to minister to an outpatient. On the way back home they ran out

of gas. They were standing beside their car on the shoulder when a truck


Seeing ladies of the cloth in distress, the driver stopped to

offer his help. The nuns explained they needed some gas. The driver of

the truck said he would gladly drain some from his tank but he didn't

have a bucket or can.

One of the nuns dug out a clean bedpan and asked the driver if he

could use it.

He said yes, and proceeded to drain a couple of quarts of gas into

the pan. He waved goodbye to the nuns and left. The nuns were carefully

pouring the precious fluid into their gas tank when a highway patrol

officer arrived.The trooper stopped and watched for a moment, then

he said, "Sisters, I don't think it will work, but I sure do admire your faith!"




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LOL that was very cute!!


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I love it!! LOL

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Yup, I thought it was good for a laugh.:D



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cute! :roll

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